Elphaba & Nessarose Cookies

by Jennifer on August 30, 2012

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Simple, simple, simple.

That was the mantra for these cookies.

Most of the them were inspired by outfits in the show. Except for Elphaba. Because she wears this:

Black, black, and more black (ok, some blue too).

There is nothing wrong with a black cookie, but I wanted to do something different.

I loved the idea of chevrons. The hard, sharp angles remind me of both her super structured wardrobe and her personality.

For Nessarose, Elphaba’s sister, the idea was more literal – I loved her vest-thingie here:

Oh, by the way, in the musical, Nessarose is in a wheelchair because she can’t walk. But in the very weird and very different original book (spoiler alert!), Nessarose doesn’t have arms. Which reminds me of the creepy zombies from the Walking Dead – you know, these guys:


It always goes back to zombies with me. Sorry about that.


  • Circle shaped sugar cookies
  • Green 15 second icing (or flood and outline if you’re not lazy like me!)
  • Black 15 second icing (same deal – flood and outline if you prefer)
  • Navy blue icing, flood and outline
  • White icing, outline
  • Pastry bags, couplers, #1 and #2 tips

For the Elphaba cookies:

1. Chevrons are deceptively difficult. If the pattern is off just a little, it is very┬ánoticeable! A Kopykake is a good solution, but they are super easy to do with a template! Just find a piece of chevron clipart – I used this fun treat bag I had lying around:

You can either print it on a study paper like cardstock or print it out and trace it onto a thin piece cardboard for extra durability.

Callye from Sugarbelle’s has some fabulous tips for creating chevron cookies!

2. Outline and flood one color set of chevrons. I chose green. Just ’cause. Let dry to avoid color bleeding.

3. Outline and flood the rest of the cookie.

You can use a toothpick to get sharper angles by pushing the icing into the corners.

For the Nessarose cookies:

1. Outline and flood a circle cookie with navy blue icing.

2. Following the pattern from her vest, I made different sets of wavy lines with the white icing.

  • Thicker white lines with a #2 tip
  • A set of two, thinner lines with a #1 tip

The lines from the original pattern were not perfectly symmetrical, so don’t stress about perfection. Just have fun with it!


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1 Kim (Barefoot n Baking) August 30, 2012 at 11:39 am

I still want to try chevron cookies. I think I just might have to now! I love the other cookies too! Yellow brick road and fields of poppies? That’s what I see. Thanks for the tutorials and I just love how you can see things and turn them into amazing cookies!


2 Jennifer August 30, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Thanks so much, Kim! I appreciate that :) I LOVE your guesses – stay tuned!


3 Debbie August 30, 2012 at 1:48 pm

When guessing which characters were represented by the cookies I got Glinda & Elphaba but couldn’t figure out who the blue cookies were. I had forgotten about Nessarose.

Yep…that Wicked book is strange. I remember the play was really big when my daughter was in 7th or 8th grade. Many of her friends were reading the book and I was thinking…Yikes! Obviously the parents had no idea what was in the book…probably thinking it was exactly like the play.


4 Jennifer August 30, 2012 at 2:38 pm

Oh no! It is definitely NOT appropriate for 7th/8th graders!

Although, some of the “recommended” books when I was a kid were a little suspect. The Clan of the Cave Bear comes to mind…


5 Debbie August 30, 2012 at 3:20 pm

And this was at a private school which is more conservative then the local public schools. Parents were sucked in by the cute “Popular” song and didn’t read the subject material first. Just think of Elphaba’s teeth…definitely not in the play.

My daughter did eventually read the book, after me, with us discussing it. She’s seen “Avenue Q” at 16, with me heavily warning about the puppet “closeness”, “RENT” and “Spring Awakening” before her dad would have wanted her to. The thing is we’ve seen them together and discussed subject matter a little before and much more after the play. Since she is in plays she comes into contact with these subjects before others might. She’s a pretty level headed almost 21 yr old now. She got a call back for Kate Monster for her college production of Ave Q but didn’t make it. Instead she’s in Cendrillon…an opera that is basically Cinderella in French. Big, big difference…LOL

btw…I love how you did the chevron cookies. The lines are so crisp and clean. Can’t wait to hear how you did the ruffles and golden bricks.


6 Jennifer August 30, 2012 at 3:35 pm

Wow – she was exposed to such amazing theater! I’m so disappointed that I never got to see Spring Awakening…

The opera sounds wonderful! I heard Les Mis in French before English, so I love listening to shows in French, even though I can’t speak it anymore :)


7 Debbie August 30, 2012 at 4:56 pm

We’re lucky in that we live close to Los Angeles. Last minute balcony seat tickets at the Ahmanson are only $20. That’s how we’re going to see “Mary Poppins” tonight. I rarely pay full price for tickets, except I did for “Book of Mormon” next month. They’re worth it…even after standing in line for 3 hours. (You should see my Musicals & Plays board on Pinterest)

Kaitlyn is a little worried about her French which she doesn’t know. With her vocal performance major she does take diction classes. Italian and German were last Fall & Spring. This Fall is French, at the same time as the opera. Now if her class was earlier or the opera later it would’ve been much easier. She’ll make it tho.

Definitely see “Spring Awakening” if you get the chance. The 2nd time we saw it, years separating the times, we got on-stage seating. (3 tries thru a lottery) Now that was an up close and personal view.


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